UI Capture App

UI Capture App eases the creation of Immersive 3D Tours using your Ricoh Theta. Connect your mobile device to the camera’s Wi-Fi and let the App do the rest! 

This application will handle the multi-bracketing settings for you, align your panos, manage your projects, separate your different plans and send your projects directly to Tourbuzz. 

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How to Use the Ui Capture App

How to Connect

Follow the instructions on connecting the Ui Capture App to your Ricoh Theta.

  1. Make sure your camera is ON and has Wi-Fi enabled;
  2. Click on ‘Open Settings’ and go to your Wi-Fi settings;
  3. Select the Wi-Fi name similar to ‘THETAxxxxxxxxxx.OSC’. The number ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ being the serial number;
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi password, which is the last 8 digits of the Wi-Fi name;
  5. Go back to the UI Capture App, and your camera will connect.

Main Page 

Once connected, on the main page, you can Sign In, Shoot directly pressing the Ricoh Theta  or ask for Support. 

Sign In

Connect the App to your Tourbuzz Account. By logging in to your Tourbuzz Account, you can manage all your projects on site. Once finishing shooting, your project will be sent directly to our post-production team. You will then receive your immersive 3D tour sooner. You do not have to wait until you are home to process your images. 

Manage your projects 

Once connected to your Tourbuzz Account, you will be able to manage your projects directly inside the App. You can either choose an older project or create a new one using the ''+'' icon. 

Capture Preview 

You can display the preview of the pano you are taking by pressing Preview


Place your camera in the room, hide, and press on the camera icon. The capture will start. Repeat the process for every shoot. For the following shoot, the app will automatically place the pano in the environment. 

If the system doesn't recognize the pano, you will see a pop-up window, and you can choose Place Myself or Select the Nearest. To be more efficient, you do not have to wait until the panorama is captured to place it in the scene. While the camera is in action, you can align the panorama manually directly on your device.  

Photographers will certainly gain more time using that tip.

  • Place Myself: you can press on your screen to place the pano where it belongs.
  • Select the Nearest: Press on the nearest pano to advise the system where the new pano should belong. If the Select the Nearest is not aligning your pano, you will have to place it yourself. 

Rotating Image 

You can now rotate a panorama with the “rotate” button. It will add 15 degrees every time it’s pressed. 15 degrees = 24 clicks to make a full 360 rotation. 

Manage your Floors

When your floor is done, you can move it to the next one and create a New Floor. Press on the "+" sign and name it. 

Create Notes

Enter the name of the room or the measurements directly inside your space.

Discard your pictures

Sometimes, your pictures will be too overexposed or underexposed. The deleted picture will be automatically removed from your camera.

Pictures Download 

When your project is finished, you can either create an archive or process your images directly to Tourbuzz. In the case you want to send your project directly to our post-production team, you will need to have enough credits in your Tourbuzz Account. When ready, select the tour (that needs to be created before the upload), the type of project (residential or commercial), and order the Floorplan if needed. If you do not have enough credits, you will receive an email letting you know to purchase more credits in your Tourbuzz Account. As soon as you have enough credits in your account, the tour will be automatically sent to our team. Once the 3D tour is complete, you will receive a notification email. 

We invite you to visit this link in order to have more information on how to purchase more credits; 

Purchasing Credits and Billing Central

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the images go? You can archive it on your device or send it directly to Tourbuzz 

Can I edit the brackets if I archive the images? The app is using a built-in HDR rendering shooting mode. Which will take 4 brackets. You can archive and edit the final images, but you don't have access to the brackets.

Do I lose everything if my screen saver goes on? No, you will not lose everything. It can cause an error message to appear but will not affect the end results.

Can I exit and re-enter the app while the Theta is busy capturing? Yes, you can exit and re-enter the app, but make sure to get the first capture at 20%. It will hang up until you return to the app.

I'm not able to connect my camera to the app, what can I do?  Reset the camera by holding the POWER + WIFI button at the same time.

I am sensing that I have troubles connecting the Camera to my device or the Ui Capture App is not working properly.  Make sure you are using the latest version of the Ui Capture App. Use the current version 2.1.1 Ui Capture on Apple and version 2.1.2 Ui Capture on Andriod. 

What should I do if I want to edit my images before sending them to your team? Please visit the document: I want to edit my images from the UI capture app

Why am I getting the error COULD NOT COMPLETE CAPTURE something went wrong while capturing the panorama. Could not set setting? You will need to double-check that your camera's settings are not set to raw. If so, please set them to jpg. 

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