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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do the images go? 
    You can archive it on your device or send it directly to Tourbuzz. 
  • What is the smallest width for panoramas? 
    We no longer allow panoramas with a width of fewer than 3000 pixels. 
  • Why won't the app connect on my Android phone? 
    Once you've launched the UI Capture app please be sure you are connected will need to make sure you are connected to the camera
  • Why isn't my camera syncing to the app? 
    If your camera and app are not syncing, please make sure your geolocation is on in your settings and turned on in your phone.
  • Can I edit the brackets if I archive the images? 
    The app is using a built-in HDR rendering shooting mode, which will take 4 brackets. You can archive and edit the final images, but you don't have access to the brackets.
  • Do I lose everything if my screen saver goes on?
     No, you will not lose everything. It can cause an error message to appear but will not affect the end results.
  • Can I exit and re-enter the app while the Theta is busy capturing? 
    Yes, you can exit and re-enter the app, but make sure to get the first capture at 20%. It will hang up until you return to the app.
  • I'm not able to connect my camera to the app; what can I do?  
    Reset the camera by holding the POWER + WIFI button at the same time.
  • I am sensing that I have trouble connecting the Camera to my device or the Ui Capture App is not working properly. 
    Make sure you are using the latest version of the Ui Capture App. Use the current version 2.2.0 Ui Capture on Apple and version 2.2.3  Ui Capture on Andriod. 
  • What should I do if I want to edit my images before sending them to your team? 
    Please visit the document: I want to edit my images from the UI capture app.
  • Why am I getting the error COULD NOT COMPLETE CAPTURE something went wrong while capturing the panorama. Could not set setting? 
    - You will need to double-check that your camera's settings are not set to raw. If so, please set them to jpg. 
    - Empty the camera memory
  • Do I shoot in Raw or JPEG?
    If the Ricoh Z1 camera is set to RAW+, it would automatically switch back to JPEG before taking the picture.
  • What should I set the aperture? 
    The aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and white balance are adjusted automatically according to the shooting environment.
  •  Should I be shooting in HDR?
     The app is using Built-in HDR rendering shooting mode. It takes four exposure and does the HDR process directly in the camera. 
  •  What is the minimum phone requirement for android for the Ui capture app? 
    version 10 
  •  Is there a way to cover the bottom of the pano where the tripod is?  
    When sending in your initial tour, the pano needs to be without any adjustments. Covering the tripod from the pano can cause bad image recognition. Although, once the 3D has been completed, you can then replace your panos with a nadir cap to hide the tripod head. 
  • Why did the app freeze during the shoot? 
    One of the issues that can present itself, if you are in the move pano step, just click the screen to place the pano and it should be back to working properly.
  • Can I edit the panoramas or add Nadir Cap? When sending in your initial tour, the original panoramas need to be sent without any photo editing adjustments. This includes removing or covering the tripod from the pano, which can cause bad image recognition.
    Once the 3D has been completed, you can then replace your panos with a nadir cap.
  • When you are shooting with the Theta and a pano disappears from the map, what can you do?
    DO NOT click the MOVE button, this will freeze your whole project. Retake the scan and continue
  • My app is showing "The Wi-fi you are connected to does not seem to have internet. IT could be available through your wireless carrier and data charges may apply" when I try to send my images to Tourbuzz. 
    - Your internet network does not work please try another network
    - If it’s after updating an Android device, it’s possible that the file is no longer accessible, the only method is to roll back to the old version or fetch the files manually from the phone.

When the camera will not connect to the UI app...

If you see "No Internet Connection" this does not mean you are not connected to the camera. Sign in and attempt to take a picture, if it does not work, follow the steps below:

  •  Try to reset the camera by deleting the app and set up the GPS (geolocation)
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is disabled on the phone
  • Make sure you are not connected to any other nearby device, including the Ricoh app.
  • Turn off WiFi connections to other devices and switch the camera's wireless button to off and back on again (on the side of the camera)

If it still does not connect, 

  • tap “Theta*********” displayed in the WiFi settings screen, disconnect / delete the network, and try the connection procedures again from the beginning.
  •  Always make sure that the phone is allowed to track the app.
  • If you have an antivirus, it may block the UI app from opening. Open the antivirus app and verify in its settings that the UI app is allowed. 
  • If you have selected Commercial and are having difficulty uploading your tour, remove the commercial option and try again.
  • Verify that your phone is not set to: DO NOT DISTURB. If it is, turn off.
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