Employee account Configuration

Follow all theses Steps to make sure your employee account is set-up properly.

**All steps are mandatory**

1. Open Your Profile

Verify if all information are right.

  • Email
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address

2. Open Your Settings

  • Change your Time Zone *MANDATORY*
  • Link your Google Calendar if desired

3. Services

Open "Service" Menu
Make sure all the services you offer are "check". If you don't offer a service the circle should be "uncheck".

4. Zones

Open "Zone" Menu
Draw the Zone you want to cover. For more details: Zones and travelling fees
Click the square icon - draw the area you'll be available
Always save before exiting

4. Availabilities

Open "My Availabilities" Menu
Generate it in batches by filling out the fields and clicking on "Generate" For more details: Adding Availabilities
Availabilities can be add for less than 60 days.

Availabilities management:

  • Delete availability: Click on the colore undesired time slot and press "confirm"
  • Add specific availability day per day: Click in the day - Keep the mouse button down - Drag and drop the desired time slot
  • Move availability: Drag and drop time slot in the calendar

**Your agency admin will have the possibility to configure your account if you want to charge travel fees after a certain distance.**

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