Photographer Account Overview

Welcome to the Urbanimmersive family. As an employee, you have access to an online account to manage several options, settings and schedules. In order to facilitate the integration of the systems here is a tutorial on each of the facets available in the Business Solution. Here is the starting interface, depending on your franchise the colour and logo will differ but everything else will be in the same place

When you first log in, you will be asked to verify several aspects of your account. Our integration team will have entered several pieces of information into your account and it is your responsibility to verify this information so that the launch of the new franchise goes smoothly. 

**If you have difficulties login in Click here


You can add your personal event in your calendar, but you can also do more. You can synchronize your UI Business Solution calendar, to your Google calendar. Once you have synchronized your two calendars, the appointment times available will be based on the time slot available in your calendar. The events in both schedules will be taken into consideration to open or close availability. When the availability is open, a customer can book online an appointment. 

Once the sync is done, you will be able to change or remove the sync. from the up-right menu "Settings".

You can only synchronize ONE Google calendar with the Business Solution. 


Your profile will be completed by our integration team. You can still change the information if necessary

By default, the timezone is set at your  agency timezone when you first create your account. If this is not your timezone, it will be one of the first settings to configureYour calendar and orders are based on your timezone, therefore, having the wrong setting will affect the hour/date of the appointment. 


As the availability, in some cases, your managers will have given our integration team the services that you do and it will have been entered into the system. In other cases, it will be up to you to enter it. In the services tab you will see all the services offered by your franchise, the ones that are checked will be the ones made available to you (the ones you perform). If an error was made in the services, you can check or uncheck the services to rectify the situation. 

*Please note that the services activated for you will be available to book you. 


By default, your coverage area is that of the franchise. However, if you have a specific area for yourself, it will have been assigned to you. It will be important to verify that the area is well drawn and delimited. Be very precise to make sure you don't cut cities in half.

Don't forget to SAVE


In some cases your managers will have given our integration team your typical schedule and it will have been entered into the system. In other cases, it will be up to you to enter it. There are 2 ways to enter your schedule; in bulk and manually 

BULK: The availability generator allows you to set a typical schedule without any particularities for 60 days. You must enter:

  • start and end time, 
  • The starting and ending day (up to 60 days)
  • Select the applicable days 

Manually: By using drag and drop or by clicking on the day you can manually enter each day one by one. Both bulk and manual techniques can be used in conjunction with each other. First, generate your bulk availability and then set the more sporadic availability. 


Depending on the method of processing the photos after the session, you should upload your photos to the business solution. Click here to know how.

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