The Darkroom

Depending on the method of processing the photos after the session, you should upload your photos to the business solution. In this article you will see how to use the Urbanimmersive darkroom which sends the exposures to our editing team in France. 

The darkroom can be accessed via any of the orders under the darkroom section. 

* You will see in your main menu a darkroom tab, this is only used to track the tasks sent to send a new task you will need to access via the orders. 

Supported files format
  • MP4,MOV
  • PDF
Once in the darkroom, you will need to upload all your unmerged exposures for our editing team to process. If you have any notes to send to the team a field will be available for this purpose. 
In the darkroom tab, you will see all your tasks and their status. You can access them directly from this page. 

Waiting: the upload of the images is in progress
Ready: the uploading is finished and the images are ready to be sent to the editing team
Finish: the final images are ready

When the status indicates FINISH, the images are finally ready to be delivered to the customer, open the order and select the images to put in the delivery page, then click import

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