Set up your account

Set up your account in 3 easy steps

Steps 1, 2, and 3 are mandatory for all online orders.

To allow your clients to order with you online, the following steps must be completed.


For a step-by-step tutorial, click here

« My Services » Menu

Add all the services you want to offer online ordering for your clients. 

  • Add services from proposed choices or create your own custom packages
    • Add a service or packages
    • Click on ADD SERVICE or the + sign.
    • Click on the service you want to add.
    •  Fill in fields
    • Your description must be short. This description will be seen by customers who may order your services.
    • Click on ADD


An option is to sell additional products when ordering an online service, such as Homestaging, video, home shots, etc.

  • To create options or à la carte services, you can select the Options tab.
  • You must name and describe your service option in the name field. This field has a capacity of up to 128 characters. Enter as much information as possible to allow customers to know exactly what they are ordering, for example, A 180-second video, with music, without narration, with an electronic business card display.
  • You can also add appointment duration, asked price, and quantity 
  • You will also need to configure the content to be delivered. This is only a reminder that will appear in image management. You only see this information 
  • Click on ADD TO SERVICES.
      Once your options have been created, you return to all your services and link them.
        1. Click on the service to which you want to link the options.
        2. Activate any option you need to link in the options section.
        3. Enter the price and duration.
        - Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all the options you want to link.
        4. Click on ADD SERVICE OPTION.


« My Zones » Menu

Determine with precision the total service area. This zone must include any areas to which you will add travel expenses afterward. It is possible to put more than one zone on the map.

Add a zone

  • Create a zone
    • Click on the zone drawing tool (in the middle of the circle).
    • Click on the map to form a polygon
    • Save.
  • Edit a zone
    • Click on the selection tool (hand icon—left circle).
    • Click in the polygon you want to modify
    • White dots can be moved
    • Save.
    • Delete a zone
      • Click on the removal tool (trashcan icon—right circle).
      • Click on the polygon you want to delete.

*Attention: This step can’t be undone.*

Add Travel expenses zone

Determine the zone to which you will apply travel expenses. On this tab, you will see that this zone is green on the map. You can use it as a template to create your zones with travel expenses within the area already in place.

  • Create a zone with travel expenses
    • Click on the zone drawing tool (in the middle of the circle).
    • Click on the map to form a polygon.
    • Enter the name of the zone.
    • Save.
    • Write the travel expenses amount (this amount will be added to the cost of service).

My photographers

For a step by step tutorial, click here

« My photographers » Menu

Add and configure your employees.

*You have to add yourself as an employee.

    • Check all the services your employee can offer.
    • Right column—Fill in fields to generate a period up to 60 days
    • Main Schedule—Add a day-by-day time slot.
      • With your mouse, click on the start time (in the desired column).
      • Hold the mouse button down.
      • Drag to the end time.
    • Delete a time slot.
      • Click on the time range you wish to delete.


  • Draw the area you want to serve if the employee covers a different area.
  • Possibility to create a group for employees (to classify them)
  • Modify user parameters

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