Marketplace Centris Services

** For Members of the Marketplace **

To offer your services on the marketplace you will have the Marketplace tab, this tab is visible only if you are a member of a Marketplace.

Your Marketplace services will be available on www.marketplace ... but also on your personalized URL. You can add custom services through the My Online Services tab. These will be available only on your personal Url.


 Defining its zones and availabilities is required for any online order.

Marketplace Services

(standardized service)
Add only the services you want to offer your customers for online order
Add online services from the choices offered
  • Click ADD SERVICE or the + sign.
  • Select the service you want to add.
  • Complete the descriptive fields of the services; the duration, the price, and the description. Your description should be short. All of this information will be seen by your customers.
  • Link your options (create beforehand) and choose the cost
  • Click on ADD SERVICE

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