Create an Immersive 3D Tour

Step 1 - Log in into your Urbanimmersive Account

Log in your Account, follow these easy steps in order to create your Immersive 3D tour.

I don't have an Account

Step 2 - Create a Tour

Oncein your account and go in the Menu “My Tours”.

Create a new Tour to support your 3D, manage, edit projects and, deliver Medias and 3D to your client. Learn More

Step 3 - Download UI Capture App  Learn more

Step 4 - Sign In (Settings Page)

Connect the App to your Urbanimmersive account. Use the Urbanimmersive account login credentials.
Please note that you need to be connected to a network with Internet to sign in.

For Insta users:

  • You need to activate the Insta360 app before using it for the first time. Activate
  • Add an SD Card in your camera

Please note

You will need to make sure your Bluetooth, Localisation (Precise ON), and Autorisation settings are connected.

Step 5 - Connect your camera with the App.

  • Make sure your camera is ON and has Wi-Fi enabled
  • Click on ‘Open Settings’ and go to your Wi-Fi settings
    • For Ricoh users: Select the Wi-Fi name similar to ‘THETAxxxxxxxxxx.OSC’. The number ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ being the serial number
    • For Insta360 users: To view the camera's Wi-Fi password, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap "Settings" > "Wi-Fi Settings" > "Password".
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password
  • Go back to the UI Capture App, and your camera will connect

Step 6- Create your Projects

You can manage multiple projects inside the App. You can either choose an existing project or create a new one using the ''+'' icon and select “Immersive 3D Tour”.

Now, you’re ready to shoot 

Make sure to read the shooting instructions first.


Set your camera on a tripod at 4’ height. Place your camera in the room, hide yourself, and press on the camera icon. 

Move the tripod at intervals of around 6 to 8 feet, making sure to capture all rooms.

Repeat the process for every shot. The App will place automatically the panorama in the environment.

Place your pans: If you select Place Myself, you will have to press in the scene to place the panorama where it belongs.

Create & Manage floors

When shooting your environment, you can add a floor directly in the App. Press the ‘’+’’ icon to add a floor. You can rename the floor afterward to reflect the space.

Send your Project

When your project is done, you can either create an archive or process your images directly to your Tour (previously created in your Urbanimmersive account.

Once the Immersive 3D Tour is complete, you will receive a notification email.

If you created the Tour already, you can find it by searching the address.

*Please note that you need to be connected to a network with Internet in order to process your images.

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