Customer's Delivery page

Public delivery page

Access photos and other media through the public delivery page. All media will be grouped in various tabs at the top of the page; FLOOR PLANS, VIDEOS, TOURS, etc.

Click the "DOWNLOAD" button for all or specific photos.
You have 3 suggested formats available: Small (for social media or web), Standard (for MLS) and Full Size (for print).
The download will start automatically.

Delivery Management

To log in, click "MANAGE DELIVERY" in the top left corner. Open your order and click "SHOW DELIVERY"

Photo Management

  • Changes the order of the photos: Unselect all, If you want to change the order of the photos, simply Drag and drop, once done Click "SAVE"
  • Photo name and description: Type a description in each photo if needed and click on the photo's name to change.

Media Transfer

Transfer your photos into your Single Property website (Tour) and/or your MLS listing. Click here to know how to add an MLS number

Click on your MLS or on Tourbuzz to transfer all media. 

**Order easy Photo Editing, VIRTUAL STAGING and/or VIRTUAL TWILIGHT. Click here to know more.

Video Tutorial

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