Order a Photo Edit

To speed up and facilitate your image editing requests we have set up a fully automated platform that sends your requests directly to the image editing department. When you receive your photo deliveries, you will have access to this platform.

  1. Go to the delivery page: In the order through your client panel or through your public delivery page.

  2. Select the desired photos: By default, all images are selected. Click on deselect all and select the image(s) you need to send to editing and then click on the $ icon.

  3. Click on the $ sign: When you click on the $ icon a pop-up window will appear. In the top section, you will see which images you ordered the edit.

  4. Select the type of edit: You will be able to choose from the drop-down menu the kind of edit you want. 
    If you select the Virtual Staging you will need to enter the code from the catalog 
    *Once the edit service is selected, a description will appear in the blue section
  5. Specify your request: (required): You will need to add detailed instructions for the editing team.

  6. Add and View Cart: Once you have finished shopping, click on View Cart. You will see the contents of your order and the total. Click on Buy

7. Confirm and Pay the invoice for the editing process to begin.

Video Walkthrough

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