Associated Orders Management

In order to facilitate the management of orders made for the same property, you can associate orders and have a global delivery page.

By default, the system will associate an order that is created by/for the same customer with the same address. The property information will be spread in the associated order. 

It is possible to associate an order at any time with OR without the same address. You CANNOT associate orders from different customers. 

Each order will have to be delivered individually and is  delivered as usual. Each order can have its own configuration; various media, payment required, emailing, etc. Once done they will be visible on the global delivery page. 

In the Master Delivery Page manager, several tools are available and displayed:
  • Associated orders; with quick access to media, invoices and delivery status
  • Public delivery page's Link
  • Editing order tool
  • Categorization
  • Media name and Description fields
  • So on. 

It is possible to change the order of the photos by dragging and dropping and deleting the photos with the basket button. 

When you create a tourbuzz tour all the media on the associated delivery page will be sent to the tour. However, if an order does not contain anything, you will have to click on synchronization and transfer in order to send them to the tour. 

It is possible to modify the file name and add a description of the image via the Master delivery page. When saved, the change of description and file name is automatically synchronized with tourbuzz if the image is already on tourbuzz (3D cube logo).

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