From Media Management to Delivery

Make sure to review the options for the photo shoot you did. Add or Remove any options if necessary
  • To make the delivery of your photos; Go to the media management section of your order and click Access the Media management.

(ADMIN) Each buckets in the media management page are based on order options. To define what you have to deliver in each bucket make sure the configuration of your options are done properly.

Deliverable Content:
No deliverable: Delivery is possible for any supported media type (MP4, PDF, JPG)
# images only: JPG only (cannot deliver MP4 and PDF)
# Link only: Delivery is possible for any supported media type (MP4, PDF, JPG)
# link & # images: JPG only (cannot deliver MP4 and PDF)

1. Upload your images

Once inside you will see the main service section and the option if applicable. You can upload or drag your images/exposures to the right section.

The minimum of recommender files is only an indication of the chosen service. It does not oblige to respect this number. 

2. Sort and delete non-desire photos

**Make sure the order of the pictures is the order you want to appear on the delivery page.**

3. Deliver photos

On the delivery page, you can create upload size groups, add media, adjust who the upload will be made to, the language and see a preview of the delivery page.

Once on the delivery page, it is possible to change the order and delete photos

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