From Media Management to Delivery (No editing required)

This guide will go over the process of uploading and delivering photos to an order. In this case, no editing will be done to the photos, if you want the photos to be edited by the post-production team, follow this guide instead.

1. Accessing order details

  1. Click on the "My Orders" tab on the left-most bar.
  2. Search for the desired order and click on the order to display its detail

2. Uploading your photos

Make sure to review the options for the photo shoot you did. You can add or remove any options by clicking on the pen icon inthe options section of your order.
To deliver your photos; Go to the media management section of your order and click on "Access to the media management".

Once inside you will see the main service section and the options selected, if applicable. You can upload your files by clicking on "Add medias" or simply drag and drop your files. Depending on the services chosen, you may find multiple boxes where you can upload photos, each box is labeled to indicate which photos should go where.

Please note that the minimum number of files written in red is only an indication of the chosen service.You are not forced to meet this minimum.

3. Sorting your order's content

After selecting all your photos, you can drag photos to change their order.

You'll see the final images in the buckets. Sort and delete non-desired photos and make sure the order of the pictures is the order you want to appear on the delivery page. It's now time to send them to the delivery page. Click on "Deliver".

4. Sending to the delivery page

You then need to select the buckets you want to send. Once they have been selected, click on "Import".

5. Delivering to your client

The final part is to deliver your order to the client. To do this, go to the order's page and find the delivery tab. Click on "Deliver".

You can now review the delivery page. it is possible to change the order and delete photos. 
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Click on Complete when you are ready to send it to your customer.

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