Configuring your Prime Membership

With the recurring invoice and the special price list, you can offer your customers several advantages. One of the options and automation available is the monthly PRIME subscription. You can include the services and options you want at the monthly price you want. In order to activate the multiple automation of Prime you will have to follow the following steps: 

1. You will need to create a recurring invoice with the code PRIM in order to activate all the options related to it. 

 2. You should activate the Exclusive option to Prime Subscription check box so that it is automatically added to each order and invoice of your customer. This option will only be visible to premium members and will have an icon in the top corner to differentiate them.

* Please note that when ordering it will be possible for you and your customer to deselect the option 

Once the PRIME subscription is created, your customers will be able to subscribe themselves online through the option that will appear on their homepage, offering them all the advantages that you have associated with PRIME. In addition, they will see at the top of their homepage a PRIME,

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