Create an invoice

There are many ways to create an order for a customer, one of them being by creating an invoice. When you work with an invoice, you will use the products that you add in your account, 

The difference between the services and products is simple, the services will be used for your online services, so your clients can order any of these. The products are for your internal management, only the provider can use it, and can only use it in invoices or quotes. For more specifications click here

You can decide to work with invoices for many reasons. It gives you more freedom to change, add, or remove an element in it . After activating your invoice, you can add a deliverable, which brings you to a similar process to the order. For more information on how to do it, click here

Create a product

In order to create an invoice, you will have to create products first. To do this you must go to the products tab and click on the + sign. Everything will be changeable once the product is created except for the code. 

Depending on your location country, state and city, some products are taxed and others are not. For this purpose, you will have to assign a tax code to your products; digital goods, services, non-taxable, physical goods, shipping or none. 

Create an invoice

Once the product is created you can now create an invoice. From your customer list select the customer you want to invoice, then click on create an invoice.

In the invoice creator, you will have several fields that will be filled by default for you. You will be able to change the terms of payment, add the products and description needed as well as the quantity and discount, the delivery and the billing address. Once everything is filled you can save the invoice and view it before activating it. 

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