How to place an order

When placing a new order for a client, you can follow these easy steps:

Go in the  Clients menu

Once you've found your client select the filter by clicking on the three dots to the right. Click  Add an order

**If this is a new client, click the  + sign in the top right to add the Client account first** then click Start in the Standard or custom order, depending on what  your needs are

Standard order: You will place the order the same way a client will online. All steps will be based on services, availability and zones of your employees.

Custom order: No restriction. You place an entire custom order.

Standard Order

1. Choose a category and next a service

2. Add-ons

If you offer options with your services, it will appear here. Check all options you want to add with or without the quantity needed.

Type the address you looking for. This page is linked with Google API. Make sure to select one of the choices available. If the right address does not show, select the nearest place in the map and define the right address by clicking on the edit button at the right.
If the address is outside your zone, you can temporarily add the zone in the photographer settings or place a custom order.

4. Date

If all of your employee are not available for a day it will be noticed.

5. Time and photographer

Select the photographer and time. The ordering system will show the nearest photographer based on the address. If there is any travelling fees to add (based on your settings) it will show and be added to the invoice of this order.
You have the option to book with a guaranteed hour or a specific time that will advise the client that this time frame could be changed.
If your photographer already has an appointment, it will not allow you to book for the same hour. Also, the system will make sure to take the travelling time into account between all appointments. 

Note that if you select a guaranteed hour you will have 15 minutes to finish booking the appointment. After that time, the appointment becomes available for someone else.

6. Additional information

If you want a third party to be informed of the appointment date and time, add an email address there. If you need to add a note for the photographer or the client you can add it here. It will be seen by both.

7. Payment

This is the time to make sure all the information is correct. Select the payment method based on your configuration. If your client does not have an invoice address, add one it is mandatory. 

Click Confirm my order

All step-by-step ordering processes here:

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