Subscribe to UiMeet3D

Subscribing to UiMeet3D is quick and straightforward. You'll select the package that works best for you, add a credit card and subscribe. 

In your client panel, go to My Account and click UiMeet3D

Here you will see your options and your subscription. To get started, click Subscription. 

Select the package you would like to have, and add your credit card, and hit save

You will be shown the subscription you are subscribing to. Hit Ok to continue, and you will now be subscribed to UiMeet3D.

To offer UiMeet3D Subscriptions to your clients in your Account Setting, ensure the feature is enabled, as seen below. 

If you want to cancel your subscription, simply go into your Billing Central, click Subscriptions and Edit. Hit the cancel button at the bottom of the page. You will then no longer be charged at the next billing cycle. 

To learn more about UiMeet3D features, click HERE.

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