Configure your taxes

Configure your taxes according to the region of your buyers.

* Notes: All invoices produced must have a valid address in order to display taxes in the client's area.
In Quebec, taxes must be GST and QST and HST for other provinces.

Tax Code Name Products/Services Country State / Province Zip/Post Code Rate
GST #8759430141 All CAN QC * 5%
QST #QT543465462 All CAN QC * 9.975%
HST #8759430141 All CAN NB * 15%
HST #8759430141 All CAN NS * 15%
HST #8759430141 All CAN NF * 15%
HST #8759430141 All CAN ON * 13%
HST #8759430141 All CAN PE * 15%
GST #8759430141 All CAN CB * 5%
GST #8759430141 All CAN AB * 5%
GST #8759430141 All CAN MB * 5%
GST #8759430141 All CAN SK * 5%
GST #8759430141 All CAN NT * 5%
GST #8759430141 All CAN NU * 5%
  1. Menu General
  2. Select the Billing tab

    3. Copy one of your existing configurations to edit it

    Make a new tax configuration based on an existing configuration. You must have at least made a configuration in the past.

4. Choose an existing model that you can adjust

     Make the configuration of your taxes based on a preconceived model for Quebec.

5. Create an empty configuration and define it

      Make the configuration of your taxes completely personalized

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