Offer to your client photos pre-selection

During the order process, you can decide to offer a pre-selection to your client.  Your client will have to click a checkbox to activate the process. This process will require you to send a pre-selection to your client. Which later, will return you to his selection. And finally, you can make the final delivery. 

For every step of the pre-selection, you and your customer will receive an email alert to inform you of the next step to make.  

- To Enabled this option, you must first configure your content to deliver when creating your services. How to add services and options

This is a handy tool, but you can also decide to deactivate this option. Here is a tutorial to know how to activate or deactivate this option: 

1. From the dashboard, scroll down in the menu and click on General.

2.  Then click on the System tab.

3. In the other configurations section, activate or deactivate the selection. 

4. And click save

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