Configure the automatic emails

You can decide to send several emails automatically by the system. In this tutorial, you will learn;

  • how to activate and deactivate the emails
  • how to add a reply-to email
  • how to receive a copy of every email
  • how to add a signature
  • how to modify the emails templates 

Select General from the main menu.

Then choose Emails from the top bar

In this section, you can configure the reply-to email and add an email that will receive a copy of every email sent by the system. 

At the bottom of the page, click on customization of the email template to personalize  the automatic emails

Choose the email you want to edit.  In the upper section, there is the editor. Please insert the text you will want to be displayed in the email.  You will need to add variables when you have data that needs to be changed with specific information regarding your company or your customer. 

With the mouse, click and drag the variable you have chosen, then drop it in the text box.

Drop The variable will appear on your text once dropped. You can also visualize what the email will look like with real text instead of variables.  When you are done, click >  Save

Here you can activate or deactivate the emails sent automatically  In this section, you can edit the signature present in every automatic email, French or English.

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