Customize your delivery email address

In the idea of having a totally white-label account, you have the possibility to set up an email address that will be used to send automatic emails to your image. In this tutorial, we will see how to configure this email
To be able to configure your White Label email address you need to purchase a domain and assign it to your account. To learn how to do it click here.From the dashboard, select General


In the emails tab click EDIT in the "Emails sent by" section.

1. Type the email address you want to configure. Then click EDIT. The email domain ( will be the same as the URL that you have chosen in your account configurations.  example: --> 

2. Go in your Webhost account (Godaddy, Wix, etc), each host is different and will have different steps to set this up. Go in your DNS manager, and add three cnames in the domain that you have set up in your Business solution account. Here is more information to understand how to set up your Cname in the differente Webhost company. (Look at Help Links at the bottom of this page)

3. Once you have entered the DNS Host (host) and the DNS value (pointing to) into your webhost account, and ensure that the information is exactly the same for the 3  CNAMEs, you can click VERIFY.

Those DNS are strictly examples of configurations

DNS can take multiple hours to be updated over the Internet.

Host-Specific Instructions


Network Solutions:




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