Link your client from Urbanimmersive to Tourbuzz

In order to be able to link your clients to Tourbuzz and to be able to generate tours through the UI Business Solution, you will have to link your provider account first. 

When you link a client, there is some essential point to remember.

  • The link between the two accounts will have to be done manually. The reason here is; there could be a duplicate of the customer in your account, and we want you to be sure to link the correct account with one another.
  • The master account will be in the UI Business Solution. If you make some changes in Tourbuzz, it will not be replicated in the Business Solution. 
  • The photo account is not replicated. In the Ui Business solution, except for the landing page, you will not need it in the Business Solution.
  • To link an account to one another, you will need the client's address.
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