Link a client from Urbanimmersive to Tourbuzz

In order to be able to link your clients to Tourbuzz and to be able to generate tours through the UI Business Solution platform, you will need to first link your provider account first. 
First, log into your Urbanimmersive account and click on the menu at the top right of your screen. Select Settings.

Open the Tourbuzz tab and enter your Tourbuzz login information. You will see a green banner confirming that your Tourbuzz account has been connected to Urbanimmersive.

Once this configuration is done you will be ready to link your clients.

There are 2 main ways to proceed: Client - manual data entry or Import  - from the CSV file downloaded from your customer list in Tourbuzz.

If you select Import, you will see this page open. Keep in mind if you have your own csv file, please refer to the CSV file definition as a guide. You can choose to send the clients an email including their password at the same time.
Start the import of the clients, after a few minutes, you will see your list propagate in the Client Tab.

When you link a client, there is some essential points to remember:

  • The link between the two accounts will have to be done manually. The reason here is; there could be a duplicate of the customer in your account, and we want you to be sure to link the correct account with one another.
  • The master account will be in the UI Business Solution. If you make some changes in Tourbuzz, it will not be replicated in the Business Solution. 
  • The headshot and the logo account is not replicated.
  • To link an account to one another, you will need the client's address.

In your client list, you will see if your client is already linked to a Tourbuzz client or not

To link a client you will need to click on the client options and display the client profile. Then click on the client menu and in the tourbuzz section click on Create this Tourbuzz client 

If your client has already been created in tourbuzz but is not linked you will see the option linked to an existing client. 
If your client has already been linked you will see the option to update the profile information or access the client in Tourbuzz
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