Create an order personalized status

For each of your orders, you can keep track of progress or tasks to perform. To do this, you can assign a personalized status to your order, and you can set the status to an employee to communicate that he has a task to do and allocate time in his schedule. The details of these statuses will be displayed in each order in the status history section:

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to create your status and then assign them to an order.
1. From the dashboard, you can select General in the main menu

2. Select the system tab

3. To add customized orders status, click on the +

4. You can indicate the status name

5. Click on Font Awesome,  some fees may apply

6. It will open a new window, where you can choose in a library of icons available. You can copy the icon's name

7. and paste it in the icon ID

8. You can select the icon's color and SAVE

Once your custom status is configured you can use it to follow a workflow or book time for your employee.

1. You can add or change the status in your orders by selecting options and then editing the custom status.

2. Select the desired status.

3. You can assign it to an employer and block him some time in his schedule for this purpose. You have to select the employee and determine the time to allocate within his time range. 

The status is not assigned by default and does not reserve any time range. When done save

4. In the status history, you will see the details. You can also sort by custom status when you are in the main order list page 

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