Floor Plan Creator (Create one plan including all floors)

Create one Floor Plan including multiple floor plans on the same page with the tour address, agent info, images and download your creation to use. This feature does not replace the automatic floor plan export. 

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To start, click on the FP Creator on the menu bar in your 3D Tour and select the floor plans you want to add to the creator. 

Page Options and Elements 

Layout: This setting gives you different options for the layout of your floor plans. Depending on the number of floor plans you have, the layout will structure the floor plans for you. 

Plan Style: This setting allows you to change the style of your floor plans. Choose to have your plan; room names, furniture, or both, or choose the basic option and have a plane floor plan. 

Paper Size: This setting gives you the option to change the overall size of your total floor plan.

Landscape Orientation: Turn the Landscape Orientation on or off depending on how the overall look you want.


Elements will show a list of all the text, images, and floor plans you have set up. You can add text or an image by clicking the plus sign. If you didn't add all the floor plans available to you, you have the option to add them by clicking the plus sign next to it. 

New Feature: Plan Summary

You now can add a summary of your floorplan to better show off what is listed in your floorplan. 

To edit any elements already added, go to your Element list, select the text, image, or floorplan you'd like to edit, and scroll up to see the available options. 


If you'd like to create a new page, scroll to the bottom and select the plus button. You have the option to choose the floorplan you'd like to use. If you need to delete the page, select the page and scroll up to the Page Options and Elements and delete as seen below.

Save and Download

Save your work on the top right by clicking the Save button. Download your work by clicking the download icon on the top left of your work.

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