UI Capture HDR

With the UI Capture App, you have two HDR options when shooting your 3D tour. You will see HDR and HDR MB. The HDR icon will show on your screen, and you can switch within the project, from HDR to HDR MB (Multi-bracketing) depending on the environment you are shooting in. If you have already set up your bracketing choice in your camera settings, you can easily move from one method to the other without any necessary changes. 

HDR Stats:

Built-in HDR
  • Size: 66MB
  • Shooting time: 1x
  • Processing time: 1x
  • Size: 417MB
  • Shooting time: 4-5x
  • Processing time: 8-10x

Please note

When using HDR MB, it will take a bit longer to process

Below is the difference between Built-in HDR and Multi-bracketing HDR

Built-in HDR


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