How to create UItags

UiTags are a great tool to help highlight information through the tour. This article will go into detail on how to upload your own images to use as UiTags and features available to you. 

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To start you will click on the UiTags tab in your 3D Tour and lick N to and a new tag. 

Please Note

Clicking the plus button will pop up this message that will give you instructions on adding a new tag.


Within the size, you can change the height and width of the Tag to fit where its needed.  


Positioning allows you to position your UiTag so it can be placed exactly where it's needed. Pressing M on your keyboard to move UiTag to your current mouce position


The always face camera feature allows the tag to always face you no matter where your standing. Rotation gives you the option to move your UiTag around. You can change the opacity by changing your Alpha. 


You have the option to change your UiTag and even upload your own! Click Change content and chose a new tag, or click choose file to upload your own tag. Once a tag is selected scroll down to find it and click Apply Content  Change.  


Go to View: This allows you to pick a position that your UiTag will take you when clicked on. 

See video tutorial

Open Link: This feature allows you to insert a URL that your UiTag will take you to when clicked on. 

Show Dialog: This feature allows you to set a message that will pop up when your UiTag is clicked on 

See Video Tutorial

Show Tooltip: This feature allows you to add a message that will appear when you hover over your UiTag.

UiTag Video

For more information view the video below.

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