Replace Panoramas

If you need to edit a panorama in your Immersive 3D Tour, you can download it, edit it and reload the new one to replace the old one. Or you can simply select the panorama you want to replace and upload the new one. Follow the steps below to find out how. 

Click Replace panoramas

You can choose to edit individual panoramas or multiple.

Once the panos appear, you will see arrows above each thumbnail. To replace a pano click on the arrow going up and upload the new pano.

A new window will open with your selection, click browse files or drag n drop your new pano in the box provided.

Click upload. You can replace as many pano as you wish. Please make sure the pano is equirectangular, the image width should be exactly 2 times the height.

If the Pano uploaded is not equirectangular, you will receive a warning. Upload a new pano again. 

Click process when ready depending on how many pano the ETA will change it should take a couple of minutes, Click refresh to see your changes.

To edit the pano click on the edit button of the pano you wish to edit. 

A window will open with your pano with options to edit the image on the left in the settings column 

You have the option to change the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Vibrance, Exposure, Hue, Sepia, Gamma, Noise, Clip, Sharpen, and StackBlur. Once you are finished click save.

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