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How to edit my floor plan?

If you ordered a floor plan you will have the possibility to edit; room's name, measurement, and furniture. 

The first thing to do is to edit your tour, in the Immersive 3D Tour, activate the minimap tool and the floorplan tour. And increase the view. 

Adding room measure

Click on the room icon in the item menu, click on the room you wish to measure and name. You can modify the shape and size with the square and each end of the item. 

Change the room's name & Room Size

1- Select the room's name, in the right menu, select a name in the room name's menu, or write it down yourself. 

2- If the size of the room is not accurate or you wanted to be written differently you can write it in the Room size, it will overwrite the automatic one. 

Video tutorial:

Delete an item

If one of the items on the floorplan needs to be removed you can delete it. You need to select the item and in the selected item menu in the right menu click on the trashcan.

Adding an item

1- Select an item

2- click anywhere on the map and moved it by drag & drop it. Press R on your keyboard to rotate the item of 45 degrees. 

3- On the right menu, you can select different sizes/types with the drop-down menu.  

Video tutorial:

Adding and changing the total square footage per floor.

In the right menu, in the floor plan section, you will see an Inside Area option. If you click on the calculator icon, the system will add all the measurements on the floor. If some of the floors don’t need to be added to the calcule you can click on the green L sign to remove it and re-click on the calculator.

If you want to add your own square footage number to the floorplan you can write it in the field and press Enter.

How to Export your floor plan ?

Once your 3D tour and floor plan are ready you can download it, and import it into your tour. 

To import or download you floor plan you will need to click on the floor plan button at the top of your immersive 3D tour edition tool.

Under the general settings, in the features section, choose the floor plan you want to export. Click save 

You can select the floor plan you want to import and click on Import in Tour. If you change something on the floor plan you can click Regenerate to reflect the changes. If you need to edit the floor plan, simply scroll up the page. 

Video tutorial:

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