Create Gateway

How to create a gateway

Creating a Gateway

If you need to go up or down the stairs, go inside or outside, or maybe reach a dot too far away, you can create a gateway.

The first thing you'll do is create the arrival point. To do so, you need to be on the dot and facing the view you want as the arrival point. From there open the Jump To tool.

Then with the Jump To tool, you'll click on ' + sign' and give it a name. You will need to create a Jump To for both sides of the gateway. You can decide to make this Jump To visible for the views. It will allow them to jump room by room and see the house instead of walking around. You can also deactivate the visibility only to use it as gateways. 

When your arrival points are created, you will be facing the walls you want to transform as a gateway and open the floor plan tool. You can now click on the wall to activate it and right-click to enable the option. You will now see that you can assign a Jump To, to this wall, select the one you wish to configure as the arrival point for this side of the gateway. You will do this step for the other side too. 

You can choose an icon in the second drop-dow menu

After closing the floor plan tool, you will see now that when you put your mouse over the area, the section will highlight with a white circle point. It means that your gateway is ready to use.

Here is the video on how to create a gateway :

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