In this article, we will show you how to create and use our Uitags in order to enhance your immersive 3D tour experience. 

First, in order to create an Uitag, you can do it directly into your immersive 3D tour tab and click the Uitags function. 

Create an Uitag 

Press the ( +) button in order to add an Uitag and press the 'N' key. 

Once you clicked the 'N' key, the interrogation icon will appear. Press and keep the 'M' key in order to move the Uitag wherever you want. You can also change the size, the position and the rotation ratio at the Uitag panel. 

Change Content

You can easily change the content of your Uitags depending on what you want to display ;

  • Informational tooltips 
  • Frequently Asked Questions,
  • Items for sale, 
  • Link to online store, 
  • Embedded videos, 
  • Embedded webpage, 
  • and much more


You can add interaction to your UiTag. You can choose between Goto View, Open Link, Show Dialog, Show Tooltip, and None.

  • Goto View: Navigate to a view on click
  • Open Link: Open a link in a new tab on click
  • Show dialog: Advertise a message on click
  • Show Tooltip: Advertise a message on mouse over

Rooms measurements

If you have a floor plan in your 3D Tour you can automatically display room measurements directly on the floor! No need to view the spec sheet, everything is shown right before your eyes. You only have to click on the Create Room Name Size Uitags Icon in the Uitags panel and add it to your floor. 

These are only a couple of ways to make use of UiTags but they are many more options for you to explore. You can place text, animated images, actions, etc.

If you want to know how to create a Gateway using an Uitag : Click here

Video on How to Create Uitags

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