Export Immersive 3D Tour Offline

If you want to download your 3D tour and have access to it offline, you will need to download our 3D Tour Offline Player. 

Please note that we currently do not support iOS or Android.

Only Prima3D design is accepted. 

To download the offline export, your tour must be ACTIVE. If it is inactive, simply reactivate it, purchase the export, and then deactivate it.

Export Tour

Immersive 3D Tour Export

You will first need to select Export from the Immersive 3D tour tab.

Then select Export 

And then your 3D tour will be ready for download.

Once completed, you will receive the download. Follow the instructions below on how to play your 3D tour offline.


To download the player for Mac, click Here

Once you have downloaded the application for your Mac, you will need additional information to help run the app, which can be found Here.


To download the player for PC, click Here

Once you have downloaded the application for your PC, you will need additional information to run the app.

1 - Click on More Info

(( DO NOT click DON'T RUN))

2 -  RUN ANYWAY button will appear

Click "Run anyway" if Windows is prompting this message. 

General steps

Once the application has been downloaded, you can open the Immersive 3D tour Player and import your 3D tour to the player following these steps. 

Step 1, you will download your Immersive 3D tour by clicking the Download Immersive 3D tour button. 

Step 2, you will open the downloaded 3D tour to your 3D tour Player. You can drag and drop the file or hit the browse button and upload the newly downloaded file.

Once you opened the file, you are done. Your 3D tour is now on your desktop for viewing. 

If you would like to remove your 3D tour or view others, you can exit out and delete or open another. 

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