My Ricoh camera

The Face of the Camera

While shooting using Ui Capture App, the Face should direct the Virtual North at all times. The Face of the Ricoh Theta is represented by the Theta Icon. The screen that displays the shooting information is located at the back of the Camera.

Shooting instructions

Update the App

If you are having trouble connecting the Camera to your device or the UI Capture App is not working properly, make sure you are using the latest version of the UI Capture App.

Use the current version 2.1.2

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Camera Status Lamp

  • Blue: Camera is ready to be used. You can start shooting.
  • Flashing in Blue: When flashing slowly, the Ricoh Z1 is starting up. When flashing rapidly, file conversion is in progress.
  • Lit in white: The plug-in installed in the camera is running.
  • Flashing in red: An error has occurred. This could also happen during the power-off process of the camera.
  • Lit in green: Self-timer function can be used for shooting.
  • Unlit: The camera is in the sleep mode. You will not be able to shoot.

Reset your Camera

Reset the camera by holding the Power + Wifi button at the same time.

How do I reset my Ricoh Compass Calibration?

Sometimes when you're shooting, you will run into an issue with your RicohCamera's Calibration. When your calibration is off, your 3D tour can be rejected as panos will be off calibration, as seen below. 

If you see the error below, then your camera's compass may need calibration. 

You will need to move the camera in a figure 8 to calibrate, as seen in the video below. 

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