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UI Capture App Updated

** Now available on Apple & Android! **

UI Capture App eases the creation of Immersive 3D Tours using your Ricoh Theta. Connect your mobile device to the camera’s Wi-Fi and let the App do the rest! 

This application will handle the multi-bracketing settings for you, align your panos, manage your projects, separate your different plans and send your projects directly to Tourbuzz. 

Automatic Quality Upgrade 

If this is activated we will increase the quality of the images if you stay on the same panorama. The image quality setting is NOT saved with the tour.

Automatic quality means:
  1. Load low resolution picture
  2. If user would benefit from a better quality image then load high-quality picture
  3. If user would benefit from a better quality image  then show UHD button
A user can benefit for a higher image if:
  • The zoom factor times the viewport height in pixels is bigger than the current picture quality (The FOV can have an impact too if different from our 90 default )
UHD button can be displayed even if not zoomed if the user has a 4K monitor or is in fullscreen on a Full HD monitor.    

Replace  your 360 panos in only a few minutes

 COMING in 2021

Virtual Book Design

UIMeet 3D Premium

  • Multi-user
  • SMS Alert message
  • And full of other great features!!

Social Media video editor

Create your own small video to share on social media

Tourbuzz Remodeling and Improvement

  • A new look
  • Cool Business solution add-on such as scheduling and invoicing feature
  • Email system improved 
  • New and improve order form

You are worried about our well-being?! Check out the system Status to know more about it at http://status.tourbuzz.net/

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