Everything you need to know about measuring

This article will go over how to use features that will help with measurements within your Immersive 3D tour. These tools will be important in getting the right measurements in your floorplans and on your 3D tour.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The Ruler will not be visible on any smartphone devices due to the screen size restraints. 

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How to calibrate my immersive 3D tour

Following Urbanimmersive shooting instruction, all 3D tours should be shot at 4ft height from the floor to the camera's base. However, it may happen that the monopod was setup higher or lower than 4ft. If this is the case, you can calibrate the Immersive 3D tour so that the measurements are accurate on your floorplan. 

Measurement Tool

This will allow you and the viewers to measure the floor, the rooms, and the furniture. 

Adding and Changing the Total Square Footage per Floor

In the right menu, in the floor plan section, you will see an Inside Area option. If you click on the calculator icon, the system will add all the floor measurements. If some of the floors don’t need to be added to the calculation, you can click on the green L sign to remove it and re-click on the calculator.

If you want to add your own square footage number to the floorplan, you can write it in the field and press Enter.

room measure

Change the Room Size & Room Name

Click on the room icon in the item menu, click on the room you wish to measure, and name. You can modify the square and item's shape and size by clicking them and dragging them. 

1- Select the room name, select a name in the room name's menu, or write it down yourself in the right menu. 

2- If the room's size is not accurate or you wanted it to be written differently, you can write in the Room size, and it will overwrite the automatic one. 

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