Camera Calibration for 3D Tours

When you are shooting a 3D Tour, you want to have the best measurements possible to create the most accurate floor plan measurements. To set up calibrating, you will need to get the measurements of a door or something flush and flat to the ground like a carpet. Getting the exact height and width of your measurements is important to your calibration. 

Below, you can see we used a carpet and double doors as a guide to get our measurements. Having these measurements will give us the ability to calibrate your 3D Tour correctly. 

Please Note

For the calibration to work, the height of the camera needs always to be the same height when shooting your 3D tour. 

Once you have your measurements, you can set the calibration in your tour by clicking on the toggle settings button and scrolling to Camera Settings. There you will see the Camera Calibration. 

Once you have found the area you want to measure, you will click on the ruler tool to make your measurements. 

Please Note

If the ceiling is used, always remember exactly where the measurement was taken as ceiling height can change from room to room.  

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