Prima 3D

Prima 3D is one of our new 3D tour designs that give your 3D tours the fresh look and feel of a single property website all within a 3D tour. Prima provides a simplistic, sleek, 3D tour design, with agent branding and tour details all within the virtual tour experience.

We understand the modern home buyer wants a more intuitive tour that keeps you engaged in exploring a home for a true virtual experience. Other factors, such as schools and businesses within walking distance, are an example of how integration between data and beautiful imagery can deliver value. Prima 3D seamlessly blends these needs in an easy to consume presentation that is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Prima Key Features

  • 3D tour experience
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Agent contact info 
  • Viewing and Jump To options within 3D Tour
  • School and Location information within the menu
  • Screenshot Capability within 3d Tour View
  • Toggle Meassuremant for inside house measurements

Customization Options

Options Defined


This can be anything you’d like. For example, if you needed to create a new Prima option to reflect the colors of Keller William, you can set the nickname to “Prima [Keller Williams]” to make it easily stand out.


This design provides several color customization options to create designs unique to you and your clients. You can find out more on how to utilize these settings here.

Base Font

This setting defines what font will be reflected within the descriptions of each section.

Visibility of 'beds', 'baths', and 'sqft' helper text next to property stats in the header

This setting adds the words beds, baths, and sqft to the number added in the tour. 

Visibility of image name, description in slideshow

This setting lets you define whether the image titles/description will appear within the image slideshow

Font size of image name, description in gallery slideshow

This setting lets you define the size (small, medium, large) of the font size displayed within the slideshow portion of the tour page

Location of image name, description in gallery slideshow

This setting lets you define the location of where the image titles/description will appear within the image slideshow

Transition used in slideshow

Here you have several options with how you would like the transition between photos to appear in the slide

Static or animated open house banner

This setting will allow you to choose whether the open house banner is static at the top of the design, or flashes every few seconds. The example below reflects an animated open house banner:

Set Order of Content Sections

This setting allows you to control how content appears 

Sets order of the 'Media' section in the 'Order of Content Sections' option above

This setting allows you to control the order of the media content

Visibility of 'Drag to Explore | Scroll to Zoom' button on panoramas

Show / Hide panorama dialog box.

Standard or prominent audio button

This setting lets you set your audio button to standard or prominent. 

Sets visibility of Address in the header. If set to 'Always Show', the Address will always show regardless of branded or unbranded tour mode

This feature sets the visibility of address in the header to hide on unbranded or aways show

Sets visibility of contact/navigation section on desktop when there are 2 agents

This feature allows the contact/navigation section to Show or Hide by default on the desktop when a tour has 2 agents

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