Step 2 - Creating an immersive 3D tour

Uploading your images into Tourbuzz

By now, we've covered the instructions on completing your shoot, and you'll have your 3D images in hand. You are now ready to create your immersive 3D tour, and add images. This article will cover: 



  • Supported File Extensions: .jpg, .jpeg
  • Use JPEG format with the maximum quality setting
  • 360 degrees images
  • Equirectangular image with a 1:2 ratio

Step-by-step Walkthrough

1 The first step is to click Create New Tour

2Enter the address, select a customer, and select the option to  Is a 3D pocket website . Then click Create Tour

3If you have bracketing and need to merge them. You can click on the HDR tab, and select the type of job you wish; HDReal or Basic HDR. To know how to merge your bracketing follow the instruction in the following links: 

4If your images are already in their final form you can click on Immersive 3D tour tab and click browse to upload your images. 

Step 4 image

5Then Click Upload # files

Step 5 image

6On this page, you can review that all your images are there and add more if needed. The order the images are placed will not affect the immersive 3D tour. You don't need to sort them. Once you have all your images click process.

7Once you click "process" you won't be able to make changes when you are ready click Process.

8Your immersive 3D tour is now being created. Our post-production team will align the pano and create a virtual wall for you. You will receive an email once the processing is completed. 

For a video walkthrough, watch the video below:

When you received your immersive 3D tour you are ready for Step 3 - Edit your immersive 3D tour

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