How to create HDReal images

HDReal TM is an advanced HDR-fusion technology consisting of a series of sophisticated and intelligent algorithms that on top of automatically merging multiple exposures, apply a set of image-specific editions. For example, you can apply all of the following effects to your photos without your personal touch:

  • vertical alignment and correction
  • automated window blends
  • lenses barrel distortion
  • lens pincushion distortion
  • noise reduction
  • sharpening
  • white balance correction
  • contrast adjustments

It is 1 credit per final image. Images can contain several exposures.

Both HDR options will provide you with highly intuitive features to upload your images (exposures), automatically group them by scenes and visually review all photos to spot any bad images.

Once HDR fusion rendered, both options will give you the choice to transfer images into the tour or to download it for additional edits from you.

HDR new user interfaces are also giving you a taste to the future look of your Tourbuzz application.

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The first step is to  Edit Tour and click on the HDR tab then select HDRealĀ®


To upload your images you can drop the files or click  browse
Step 2 image


Once your images are chosen and imported, click   Upload Step 3 image


Now that your images are uploaded, you can click on  Review Images Step 4 image


You can use the automatic grouping or manual grouping. To use the manual grouping you will need to indicate how many bracketing you are using.


You will see a little warning sign on the images you uploaded are not containing enough visual content information (too black or too light)Those images may affect the resulting image. We suggest removing them before confirming the job. You can select all the images with warnings at once.


Once your grouping is done. You have deleted the images you wished, you can click Continue

Step 9 image


The final step is to tell the system if the images are Day Time/ Night Time Interior/Exterior. You can do this configuration for all images or one by one.


You will see at the right the summary of your order; Items status, number of images, estimated time, Cost. You can label or not your job. Once you are ready click Pay & Process. Once the process is done you will received a notification by email.


 In the HDR tab you will see again the summary of the job. You will see the thumbnail of the final image . you can click on it to increase it. You import the selected images to the tour or to download them. 

From this point, you can create your tour as usual. For more information to create a tour click here

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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If you  wish To Make The Most Out of Our HDR New feature click here
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