How to use the Basic HDR

HDR (high dynamic range) photos are very popular in the real estate photography industry as they provide the most dynamic images by merging multiple different exposures, creating a perfect picture with perfect lighting.

Because real estate photography is a volume business, the primary objective of all professional photographers is to reduce the manipulation of images. Our HDR image processing solution enables the reduction of image manipulation because it's fully integrated within our single website property, image delivery, and ordering processes.

The Basic HDR groups your exposures together and merges them into one single image using basic HDR techniques. You can run one free merging process per tour. Each merging process (called jobs) can process up to 50 final images. For example, if you took 7 exposures per frame and you took 50 scenes, it means that you can upload 350 images (exposures) in one single job and get 50 final images, saving you a ton of time!

Each additional job started within the same tour will be charged 3 credits. So make sure you upload all your images in the first free job you get for each new tour you create.

The Basic HDR is also capable of merging panoramic images such as the ones generated from Ricoh Theta Z1.  It will blend the start and the end of the image in order to avoid the line mark created from the 2 lenses.


The first step is to  Edit Tour and click in the HDR tab then select Basic HDR


To upload your images you can drop the files or click  browse


Once your images are chosen and imported, click  Upload

Step 4 image


Now that your images are uploaded, you can click on Review Images

Step 5 image


You can use the automatic grouping or manual grouping. To use the manual grouping you will need to indicate how many bracketing you are using.

Make sure your images are grouped before clicking Continue

You will see a little warning sign on the images you uploaded are not containing enough visual content information (too black or too light)Those images may affect the resulting image. We suggest removing them before confirming the job. You can select all the images with warnings at once.


Once your grouping is done. You have deleted the images you wished, you can click Continue


You can see the order's summary; this section informs you about the status of the order, the number of images to be merged, the estimated times, as well as the cost of the order.

Our HDR image processing service is included in our single website property and/or content delivery solutions at no additional cost. Your first job of up to 50 images is FREE for all tours.

When the job is ready you will be able to import the photos directly on the tour or to download them.

From this point, you can create your tour as usual. For more information to create a tour Click here

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

If you wish To Make The Most Out of Our HDR New feature click here
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