Order Process

To place an order you will have to follow 11 easy steps. As soon as the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation by email within you will have the invoice in PDF and an invitation to add the appointment to your Google calendar. You will also have the indication of how to prepare the home for the shooting. 


The first step is to open and click Book a photographer
Step 1 image


Select the categories of services that you need
Step 2 image


And select a service. Step 3 image


Enter the address of the property Step 4 image


Select the date of the shooting.  Step 5 image


Select the time Step 6 image


You can add options to your service Step 7 image


If you want to add the homeowner's email or add any additional informations like gate code or lock box information you can do it in this step Step 8 image


In step 7, you will have the order's resume, you can go back in any step to make some changes, by click on the number of the step at the top of the page. Step 9 image


When you are done you can select your payment method and click confirm and pay
Step 10 image


Your order is successfully completed. You can see the order resume again by clicking on the order number. And you can also see the invoice by click on "see invoice" Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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