Create a recurring invoice and subscribe a client

Some services require a recurring invoice but it can be hard to remember to produce them every month. This is why we created an option in The Business Solution that allows you to automatically generate invoices according to the terms you have configured. To learn how, follow the steps of this tutorial.

* If you already created your package and you only want to know how to subscribe your client, jump to the step 4.


From the dashboard, select the recurring invoices tab. Step 1 image


Click on the plus sign (+) to create a package Step 2 image


Enter all the information needed: Title, description, payment period term and period price. Once this is done, click on ADD Step 3 image


To resgister one of your client, select > Clients Step 4 image


And in the client option list, select > Subscribe to a package.  Step 5 image


Choose the package you want Step 6 image


Remember, you cannot change the package information Step 7 image


make sure to have a billing address ready to enter Step 8 image


If you need to make any modification or select a special price, you can do it by entering > Inscription configuration to this package Step 9 image


Once done, click on PREVIEW Step 10 image


Review the whole subscription before finalizing it > ACTIVATE THIS PACKAGE Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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