How to deliver my images

With the UI Business Solution, you have the ability to deliver either if you are logged in or not. In the delivery page, you will find all media images and videos. The default size photo included in the link is :

  • Standard
  • Full-size; it will be the original size images are uploaded with
  • Website

However, you can offer other sizes of image ( go to step 10 to learn how)

  • OMDREB format:1728x1152
  • RAHB format: 1728 x 1152
  • TREB format: 640x426

Also, you will be able to include: Landing pages, Slideshows, Tourbuzz tour, website link, and Online videos.  In the tutorial, we will go through the delivery process.


From the dashboard, select ORDERS Step 1 image


Click on the order you need to deliver Step 2 image


In the Delivery section, click on PHOTOS MANAGEMENT Step 3 image


In the photo management window you will see the content to deliver which this is just a reminder of what needs to be delivered. To add photos click on + ADD FILES Step 4 image


Then click on UPLOAD FILES Step 5 image


Once all your media are all uploaded, click on GENERATE THE DELIVERY PAGE.  Step 6 image


In the first section you can show who the email will be sent to and in which language. Everything you write in the comment box will not be shown in the delivery email. It will be added in the comments and discussions section of the order resume.  Step 7 image


In this section, you have the URL created for your delivery page which will be shared in the delivery email. You can use it to preview the page or any other purposes. Step 8 image


In the media section, you will be able to add or generate links and products other than your media. Each one of them has an individual way to be added to the delivery page.

Step 9 image


In the section images group, you can add download formats to your photos. In order to do this, you will need to CREATE AN IMAGES GROUP. Step 11 image


And select the image you want in this group. After saving it, the group will be created.

Step 12 image


Once the media has been added and the download format configured, you can select COMPLETE and your client will receive an email including the link from the public download page. You can edit this email at any time through your settings. Step 14 image


Once the order has been completed, you will see in the summary the time delivery details. Step 15 image


Here is what your delivery page will look like in the end

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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