Generate a tour from the UI Business Solution

Once you have uploaded the photos that will be delivered, you have the opportunity to create different materials for marketing with the photos of the property. You can generate via the Business Solution, a slideshow, a landing page, and a Tourbuzz tour. 

In this tutorial, you will see how to generate a tour from a specific order.

The first thing to do before trying to generate your tour is;

When these two things are done, you don't have to do it the next time. 


From the dashboard, select the orders' tab Step 1 image


Select the order you want to create a tour.  Step 2 image


You can either generate a tour directly into the order resume.  Step 3 image


Or click on delivery and manage all your medias to deliver at the same place. Step 4 image


Click on the + sign and select Generate a Tourbuzz tour Step 5 image


All this information will be transfer to create a tour. Click CREATE Step 6 image


To edit your tour and publish it, click here. Step 7 image


You can customize your tour in the Tourbuzz application and when you are ready to publish it, you can click on Delivery Manager Step 8 image


When you generate a tour from the Business solution all the fees will be changed in the Business solution. You have to click publish tour, and the banded and unbranded link will be available in the delivery page in the Business solution. Step 9 image


Click continue to be redirected to the Business Solution Step 10 image


If you need to go back and made changes in the tour, you can click on the pencil tool, and it will redirect you to the tour edit in Tourbuzz. Step 11 image


This is what your Tourbuzz links will look like in the delivery page. Step 12 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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