What is the difference between services and products ?

In the Business solution, you have several methods to bill a customer. With this in mind, you have several ways to record your fees and services. You have the services, which contains the sub-categories, online services, packages, and options, then you have the products. There are differences between these methods, in this article, we will see what these differences are and how to use each of these methods of billing.


Everything in the services will be visible and available to order for your customers when ordering online.


Online services are pre-built. You have a limited number of details that you can modify during creation. These online services were created for Quebec's Marketplace that sends leads to photographers. We built these services to condense and standardize the choices and thus facilitate the comparison of one offer to another.
Even if you are not part of the Marketplace, if they conform to your price list, you can use them.


Packages are the exact opposite of online services. It gives you the total freedom to create a package or services. You choose; the title, the time on site, the price, the descriptions and the content to be delivered.


The options can be used, as options of course but also as à-la-carte services. Each option created must be linked to a main service/package and its price must be determined (the price may be different for each association).


Products unlike services, are not visible to your customers and can not be ordered by them. These are all fees and services for your internal management, and for the creation of an invoice/quote.
The products are useful for services or projects that require more precision or an estimate. It also offers you the option to manage everything by yourself by taking orders manually and start with an invoice/quote, instead of allowing your customers to order by themselves online.

You will need to create products by configuring the details of the latter and when creating an invoice/quote, you can add these same products to billing.

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