How to cancel or refund an order

When you create an invoice, you will also have the option of canceling it by creating credit.  It may also happen that you only need to refund the bill partially. Here's how to make a refund;

    A refund does not cancel an order 
    If the invoice is paid by credit card and you made a refund, the credit amount will be sent automatically to the credit crunch who paid the bill


From the dashboard, click on Invoices Step 1 image


Select the option from the invoice you need to refund. and click refund Step 2 image


The refund will not cancel the order Step 3 image


All the information will be auto-field with the information from the invoice. Step 4 image


At the lower box, you can edit what needs to be refunded. The invoice can be refunded partially or completely. 
Step 5 image


When you are ready you can activate the credit Step 6 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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