Do you provide phone support?

We've found that in most cases, email support is far superior to phone at allowing us to help you quicker, for two primary reasons:

1. Critical information, without needing to ask for it: when you use the Support Beacon, our system tells us who you are, and provides us some key details that will help us help you more quickly, such as:

  • you account ID
  • previous conversations you've had with our team
  • recent app pages viewed, or the page you were on when you submitted the inquiry to us
  • error messages you might have received while using the app

All of this means we don't have to ask you these questions and waste your time, plus we have context from any previous conversations that may be relevant to your current issue.

2. More information for you: our support tooling allows us to share helpful articles, screenshots, videos, files, links, and many other helpful resources. Not only does this provide greater context for you, but it also means we can provide a more thorough response compared with a phone call.
It also means that the next time you have a similar question, you can easily and quickly refer back to the information your support agent shared with you by checking your Previous Conversations with our team:
Our support solution also allows us to dig into a problem and offer a solution without you needing to wait on the phone while we troubleshoot. As with most complex systems, looking into a reported problem can sometimes be a time-intensive process. We don't want to waste your time on the phone while we're looking into an issue. To prevent wasting your time, we'll gather the necessary information, and we'll provide you the solution when it's found - saving you the dead time of waiting on the phone through the process.

An added benefit is that using our support solution allows our team to track our interactions, satisfaction ratings, and other key metrics that allow us to have much better quality control processes. Phone systems do not provide as great an opportunity for quality control. We care about quality and want to continue delivering excellence to our valued customers.

What if I just want to talk to someone on the phone?

We do understand that sometimes it's just easier to talk to someone to explain the issue you have over the phone. If ever you feel it would be best to speak to a technical support representative on the phone, please leave us a voicemail outlining the issue you are seeking help with, along with any relevant TourIDs or other information that will allow us to look into the case, and we'll return your call once we've had a chance to do some initial digging into the issue.

We return phone calls between the hours of 12 PM and 3 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday. We return calls in the order in which they are received, and due to the number of support cases we receive, we cannot guarantee a same-day return call. In cases where we cannot return your call on the same day, we typically will return your call on the next business day.


Please note that we cannot return calls if the information is not provided that will allow us to first look into any reported issue.

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