CLIENT PANEL - Cancel or change the appointment

In your client panel, you can modify or cancel your appointment. To modify or cancel an appointment you must do it within a maximum of 24 hours before the appointment. After this delay, you will need to contact your photographer directly. 


From the welcome page, select See my appointment.
Step 1 image


Select the appointment you need to change Step 2 image


Once you are in the order you can click on the option. And select Change the date of appointment, or if you need to cancel it, select cancel the order, which will bring you to step 7. Step 3 image


If you want to change the appointment, you will need to select the new date Step 4 image


and the time Step 5 image


That's it you appointment has been change.  Step 6 image


If you want to cancel your appointment which will also cancel your order. You can select cancel the order Step 7 image


Confirm it by clicking Yes Step 8 image


And Ok Step 9 image


That's it. you have cancel your order Step 10 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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