How to sign up for the UI Business solutions

You will see in this tutorial the step by step process to sign up in the Urbanimmersive Business solution. 


When you want to sign in the Business solution, you will need to click on sign up at the button of the page Step 1 image


You can click on sign up in the visual content provider box Step 2 image


You will need the field up the main information;
- Email
- password
- Name of the agency
- etc.  Step 3 image


And click the checkbox to confirm and accept the terms and conditions Step 4 image


Then Click Sign Up Step 5 image


Some of the lines will be automatically filed with the information you provide on the first page. You will need to add the address and profile picture. The about you and experience is optional.  Step 6 image


When you are down, click Next step Step 7 image


You can add photos and link to complete your portfolio. This content will be visible for your client.  Step 8 image


When you are done, click next step Step 9 image


You will need to add your credit card. Nothing will be charged on it until you use the platform to make delivery. For any more information contact the support at Step 10 image


When you are done, click add the credit card Step 11 image


in this fourth step you will need to enter;
- Name of your application
- your logo
- your URL
* You will have to save for every step Step 12 image


When you are done, click next step Step 13 image


You will see the overview or your subscription. If everything is rightly step up, click Send my account application form. If not you can go back and change what needs to be changed and come back to the final step.   Step 14 image


That's it. You're done. Step 15 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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