How to generate a slideshow

A slideshow is a little video of the photography that you select from the delivery that you have made. You can also choose between 5 types of music. The delivery format is an mp4 file. Here is a tutorial on how to generate it: 


From the dashboard click on the order tab and select the order you need to generate a slideshow

Step 1 image

 Scroll down and  in the slideshows section, click generate

Step 2 image

The delivery must have been completed. 
The order must have between 2 and 100 images 

Enter a short text that will appear at the bottom of the slideshow

Step 3 image


Select the music

Step 4 image


You can drag and drop the image to place them in the right order

Step 5 image


When you are finished, you can click on generate a slideshow

Step 6 image


That's it. Your slideshow is generating, it could take a couple of minutes to upload. 

Step 7 image

The slideshow can take up to 15 minutes to create.

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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