How to set-up your zone

During your setting, you will have to draw your services areas, in order to do that you will need to follow some easy step and rule, to make sure that you traveling fee will apply property when the time is needed. 

The first step to do that will be to draw all your zone separately in the main panel, free and travel expanse area. Afterward, you will select the travel expanse tab and apply your fee to the zone that needs it. 

Here is an easy step by step tutorial that explains to you how to do it;


From the dashboard the first step is to open Zones Step 1 image


Once you opened it, the map of your area will be displayed. Step 2 image


Click on the dot tool  Step 3 image


Add as many dots needed to create your area. Step 4 image

To complete your service area, connect to the first dot.

Step 7 image


Add an unlimited number of service zones Step 8 image


Dots/zones can overlap in order to ensure that no areas are missed. When you complete a zone, click to save the area. Step 9 image


To add traveling fees, select Travel expenses Step 10 image


Select Add an area Step 11 image


Type the Name of the area Step 12 image


Select the dot tool. Step 13 image


Create all areas with the tool and make sure to contain them within the main zone. Step 14 image


When you are finished, select save the area. Step 15 image


Add any applicable Fees Step 16 image


Continue to add areas as needed. Step 17 image

Areas can be split in order to fully customize your offering. Once you save your final zone, your areas are ready to go!
Step 19 imageHere's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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